Fears to Overcome When Starting a Business

Overcoming these fears will put you on the right track to success.

Most of the people I know have thought of starting up their own business venture at some point or another. The thought of being able to move out of the rat race and be the creator of your own destiny is a very empowering one!

Since my news of redundancy was confirmed and I knew I was living on borrowed time, I started thinking – ‘What if I take this leap of faith?’ and ‘How nice would it be if I could start building up my practice in my own time AND it takes off positively!’

Goals are necessary drivers to greatness

It was great to have this vision, the idea of building up my own practice gave me goose bumps of excitement! With the excitement also came fear, doubts and the not-so-nice feeling of being judged.

I spoke to a few friends and acquaintances in my network who had either thought of, or successfully started their own businesses. This helped me identify the common emotions that cross paths while on this journey and for the first time during this process I did not feel alone. It was a good eye opener to see how things can progress with the correct mind-set and determination.

A positive outlook cuts the difficulty of a task in half

I noticed within myself and with people I spoke to that fear and worry can be such a negative influence that it can set you up to fail even before you begin.

So I’ve logged these negative influences, worked through them, pushed past them and thought I’d share with you so if you’re thinking what I was thinking then this will put you in the right frame of mind to start thinking, seeing and believing in yourself as a winner!

So far this is what I’ve learnt and how I’ve come to tackle them.

Lack of Confidence

Knowing you have a good idea is a great feeling. But when you start digging deeper and fleshing out that idea you start feeling a little doubtful. Questions come up…What if I don’t know enough to make this work? I’m not enough of an expert…There are older/wiser/more experienced/well known/publicly acclaimed people out there…I don’t know what I need to do to make this successful…What if I start and I can’t finish it because I don’t know what the right steps are?… I’ve never done this before and I don’t know anyone who does what I do.

First thing you need to do is STOP, BREATHE, SMILE and pat yourself on the back!

Yep! you need to congratulate yourself for getting this far and starting the process, because that’s exactly what a business is, it is a process that will enable you to achieve your goals in a way that gives you joy and satisfaction.

So how do you address and soothe these feelings of lack and doubt? Break down the thought process even further!

Every perceived challenge can be resolved with a task…. like this.

What if I don’t know enough to make this work? – Ask yourself, what do I think I need to know to make this work? if it’s some reading, get the book. If you find you need to do research and talk to people in the same business, start making calls, join networking events, go to lectures or enrol in a course – Knowledge is power and boosts your confidence.

Also breaking things down prevents you from seeing the task of gaining knowledge as massive and unattainable. Instead you’re ensuring you don’t feel overwhelmed by breaking it into little tasks that are easily achieved and boost confidence…it’s all about the little wins!

Keep a checklist and tick things off as you do them – I add smiley faces because they make me remember the joy of feeling I’ve just come one step closer.

Fear of Failure

These questions sound like this:

  • What if it doesn’t work and I have to beg my boss for my job back?
  • What if I lose everything and I have to start from scratch and the job market isn’t that great and I have to pack shelves at the supermarket to pay rent?
  • How will I ever look at myself in the mirror knowing I’m such a failure, maybe I’ll just keep at my job and hope for the best, maybe I’ll get a raise.
  • What if I fail and everyone I know looks at me as a failure?
  • What will I say if people say ‘I told you so!’?
  • How will I ever be able to face my family and friends if it goes all wrong?
  • What if I make my intentions known online and my boss and colleagues see and I fail?
  • What if I am the only one who thinks this is a good idea and I flop?

We all have fears, its natural. To have fears and conquer them is what makes us successful. To allow fear to dictate our life journey is what will keep us hoping and wishing and dreaming but NOT doing!

So how do we ease these fears? Have a plan!

Creating a detailed plan on what you’re going to do, how you’re going to do it and what you’ll be doing on a day to day basis in order to ensure you are sticking to your plan to make it work.

Sounds like a lot of planning and work? Trust me its worth it, successful people who win have a plan….if you think you’re just going to do what feels right….don’t quit your day job – You can’t wing success you plan and work for it!

Fear of What Other People Think of You

Of all three this is the one that normally tips the scales for people when thinking of starting a business. You may not agree with me yet but hear me out…

When people we love, care about and respect say something to us, it matters. Why? Because these are the people whose opinions collectively help to re validate and reaffirm what we think of ourselves. If a stranger tells us we’re crazy to start our own business its easier to shrug off than if a loved one tells us. If someone we care about thinks its a crazy idea we begin to question if perhaps they may have a point, after all they do know us better than other people do.

The trick is to remember that they are saying what they say because of the fears they have within themselves, not because they want you to fail. Now if you want cheerleaders the best way is to get them on board, show them you’ve thought things through, take them through your plan and show them how you plan on achieving what you’re talking about – get them cheering for you.

Most importantly remember to keep to your plan and celebrate your results with your cheerleaders – the best form of advertising is of course word of mouth!

It would be great to hear from you!

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Happiness Takes Training And Practice

Think of happiness as a muscle – a muscle that needs to be trained with a specific set of exercises done properly so you get the desired result. And in order to do it properly you need…practice!

Think of happiness as a muscle – a muscle that needs to be trained with a specific set of exercises done properly so you get the desired result. And in order to do it properly you need…practice!

Yep, you’re getting the idea now… Just like lunges and squats, good technique takes practice and with repetition comes that desired result.

Let’s Talk Training…

In the aim of keeping this short, sweet and simple let’s stick with the ‘happiness is a muscle’ metaphor.

We’ve gone through some tasks and daily checklists in previous posts, so you know what you need to do. You have your notebooks, you understand your triggers, you’ve got your coping strategies in place… you’ve got the tools now you need to use them and use them correctly.

Motivation + Technique + Repetition = Positive Result

What ensures you use them correctly???… Intent!

Intent is an important motivational force and intent is what will make you WANT to keep exercising that happy muscle.

Technique is knowing how to do what you need to do (We’ve covered those in previous posts).

Repetition comes from discipline – don’t faff about, don’t procrastinate, don’t aim to be perfect and start tomorrow when you have everything just right… just do it!

Having the right intent before you begin is crucial to success.

Quick task: Sit down for a few minutes and really focus inward – determine what is YOUR intention for taking this path to being happier.

It could be a number of things, you could want to have more invitations to parties, have a better relationship with family/friends/colleagues/neighbours/neighbour’s dog, it could be that you’re trying to attract the attention of a certain someone or vying for a promotion…these are no good, you need to scrap it and get back to the drawing board!

Just like everything else in life if you do it for someone or something other than yourself, it flops. So put your thinking cap on, dig deep and figure out what is it that YOU want.

My motivation is: I want to be happier each day because I want to feel really and truly ALIVE in all my senses and I want to live every day to the fullest…no regrets, no what if’s no if only’s.

Find something that resonates with you and write it down – by writing it down you are committing to it and this serves as a great reminder when you’re having those iffy moments. Maybe you have a song or a movie that brings this feeling to life – if you do keep it handy for days you need inspiration and a boost.

Set up little notes to self, these can be words, pictures, music playlists, movies, cartoon clips, post it notes…………. anything! The trick is that it MUST resonate with YOU and YOUR intent.

So now you have the what and you have the how – now go train that happiness muscle… you can do it!!!

It would be great to hear from you!

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