Turning A Dream Into A Plan


I’m sure you have hopes and dreams…I know I do! Everyone has a dream, if you think you don’t have one – come talk to me and we’ll dig it up, it’s there buried just under the other ‘stuff’– that layer of ‘I-do-what-I-do-because-it’s-safe’ stuff!

What is it though that takes a dream and turns it into something REAL? What is that magic dust that converts a vision of bliss into a reality? Is it THE SECRET? The Law of Attraction? pixie dust? wishing wells and shiny pennies? NO!…it’s A PLAN!

Dreams are great, that’s where the seed of success and freedom is sowed, but just like every other seed, only tending and care will allow this seed to grow and reach the point where it can be reaped and multiplied. that’s what a plan is, it’s the tending, the TLC you give your little seed to make it bloom. So no matter how big or small your dream may be it can always benefit from a little planning to help it on it’s way to reality.

Fear is a big culprit in preventing a person from taking that first step to turn a dream into a reality.


“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” – Paolo Coelho


Plans don’t need to be elaborate or extremely detailed, they just need to be practical and do-able. Don’t set yourself up to fail before you even begin, there are enough people out there wanting you to fall flat on your face so they can say ‘I told you so’ so you don’t need to help them along!

First things first, you will need:

  • 1 writing instrument – I prefer pencils when planning – for some reason they give me comfort knowing I can erase and amend without having a giant ink mess on my hands. – Don’t use the computer, this defies the purpose.
  • 1 sheet of paper – not an entire notebook! ONE A4 sheet is all you need.
  • A clear picture of your dream in your mind
  • A crystal clear picture of the outcome and impact of your dream

Now, on the top of the page write the title: My Dream and write a short paragraph with a detailed description of your dream and use the PAST TENSE.

EXAMPLE: My dream was that I went to Zanzibar and walked on the beach, it was sunny and warm and I saw a real starfish and I held it and put it back in the water.

Now, from the place you’re at, in the present moment in time, think of what it would take to make that dream a reality NOW and make a list.

Leave at least a line of space between them you’ll see why in a bit.


  • Passport
  • Ticket
  • Visa
  • Money
  • Accommodation
  • Guide Book
  • Sunscreen

Right, now you have a list, cross off what you already are in the possession of. Now look at what’s left and write next to each one no more than a 3 step plan to acquire it.


  • Passport  – valid until 2019
  • Ticket – decide how many days, select dates, search for good deal and purchase online
  • Visa – google requirements, fill in forms, follow procedure
  • Money – Work out budget required per day, look up travel money and set allowance
  • Accommodation – Use Google and price comparison website to find the best deal
  • Guide Book – Have had one for ages now
  • Sunscreen – Go to Boots, buy sunscreen £4.00

Now at the bottom of the page write a heading: My Reality and write a short paragraph or a few lines with your dream and use the PRESENT TENSE.

This time try to add as much detail as possible and really make it real.

EXAMPLE: I am in Zanzibar, walking on the beach. It is sunny and warm and I have my sunscreen on. I can feel the cool sand under my feet and as I am walking I see a beautiful bright red starfish, I stand and look at it for a moment then I take a picture before I hold it gently feeling the slight roughness of it and put it back in the water. I smile and want to shout out I’m SO happy!

Let’s see what you’ve done here – DREAM + CHECK LIST + PLAN = REALITY = HAPPY!

I look forward to reading your success stories!

It would be great to hear from you!

Get in touch…

Author: nas nadat

Success Coach & Mentor More money, work life balance, finding love, better relationships, new job, new home, new car...Whatever you want can be yours and I will show you how.

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