Staying Happy Takes Work – My Challenge


Hi lovelies! I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged and since you’ve heard from me. Its been a challenging time and STAYING happy has been taking a lot of work!

So after a short break away I came back and found out I was going to be made redundant – normally news like this that has the potential to throw my whole world out of sync will have me in a giant panic! But after the initial ‘what do I do next?’ question I decided this time I’m going to surrender to the process and allow my next job to find me.

I made a list of all the qualities I desire in my new role, a list of how I want to FEEL in my new role and every day I make sure I take ten minutes and feel these feelings as if I’m already in my new role – I’ve had several interviews so far and I’m waiting to feel the feeling I know belongs with my new role.

Some friends feel I’m being silly with my approach but I believe as a human I will do everything in my humanly capacity to bring this new role to me…. I will do my visualisations, my feeling-sations and I’m going to the interviews, having the conversations, sending out my CV and all the while keeping belief when MY job comes to me I will know.

I’m not saying it’s been a breeze staying positive and open – quite the opposite really! On top of the job situation I had a yukky flu I couldn’t shake that took ages to work itself out of my system, situations with home, friends and family that were quite testing and the heating and hot water went out for days as the days grow shorter and colder while winter arrives!

But happiness is a choice and a mind-set and I was not ready to allow these little hiccups get the better of me so I brought out my lists and put them up on my wall, wrote some affirmations down and stuck them in places I know I’ll see them and every day I draw a tiny little number 1 on my left hand where I wear my watch and when I feel annoyed or irritable I look at the 1 and say to myself ‘ Oh look, 1 more day closer to my new job which will come to me soon by grace and in the most perfect way’

So yes, it’s been work and I’ll keep doing it because………it makes me and keeps me happy!

If there is anything you’d like to stay on top of and stay positive about try making a list of how the desired outcome feels like and feel those as if you are living the desired outcome already – if you’d like to chat about it or ask questions, feel free to get in touch!

It would be great to hear from you!

Get in touch…


Author: nas nadat

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